• Important Notice for all Parents & Youth: Schedule / promotions / language of GYC and all communications shift to using “CYF”when meaning programs and activities for high school, continue as now to use “Chi Rho” for middle school pieces, and use “Youth” when speaking of any programming for the whole span of grades 6-12.
  • During this General Assembly there is a concerted effort to involve the youth in many different aspects of the entire assembly. Therefore, there will be no special Chi-Rho programming offered during the mornings (Monday-Wednesday). Instead, Chi-Rho participants are invited to attend the CYF program or spend the morning with parents and/or their own youth group leaders.
  • In the afternoons (Monday-Wednesday) Chi-Rho will have a breakout room with activities and workshops planned specifically for them with their peers.
  • Anytime your Chi-Rho youth plans to attend the youth programming (Chi-Rho or CYF) he/she must be properly signed in and out of the room for accountability. This means your child must have their official GA name badge with them at all times.
  • Special Note: on Wednesday morning the CYF will be attending the main assembly workshops on their own. We are inviting parents/youth leaders to join us that morning during our first watch and devotions so that  you may take your Chi-Rho youth to a workshop with you. It is our hope that all youth will be able to experience parts of GA that they may otherwise miss by being separated the entire time. If your child chooses not to attend morning watch and devotion, please note that the youth rooms will be closed until the afternoon.


Chi Rho (middle/junior high schoolers)  |  CYF(high school age)