GA-1714 North American Pacific/Asian Disciples


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Chung Seong Kim, Interim Executive Pastor
1099 N. Meridian, Ste 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204
PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206
(317) 713-2685

NAPAD Board of Directors

Timothy S. Lee (Moderator), Jae Young Rhee (Moderator-Elect), Eula Nicola Pagdilao (Secretary/Treasurer), John D. Roh (Immediate Past Moderator), Caleb Wang (Representative to the General Board), Salesa Faalau (Member at large), Yeahwa Lee (Member at large), Tevita Uesi (Member at large), Cisa Payuyo (Member at large), Ron Degges (CGM Representative), Doug Wirt (CRM Representative), Jessica Kim (Member at large), Sharon Watkins (General Minister & President), Chung Seong Kim (Interim Executive Pastor).

NAPAD Ministry Team

National Ministry

  • Chung Seong Kim, Interim Executive Pastor

Ethnic Ministry

  • Lian Jiang (deployed) – Chinese Ministry
  • Saitumua Tafaoialii (deployed) – Samoan Ministry

Women Ministry

  • Soo Yun (deployed)

Regional Ministry

  • Younglan Kim & Youngjun Yang – NAPAD Ministry Team, Pacific Southwest Region.
  • Daniel Lee – NAPAD Ministry Team, N. California-Nevada Region. Hyoung Chel Yang – NAPAD Ministry Team, Illinois Wisconsin Region.

Mission of NAPAD

The North American Pacific/Asian Disciples of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) affirms the cultures and heritages of Pacific/Asian peoples within the historic and living Christian faith. As part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we join with other Disciples in the total mission of the church, to recognize and promote the gifts and presence of North American Pacific/Asian Disciples in the life and work of the Church.

Purpose of NAPAD

  • To participate in God’s mission through the various expressions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.
  • To contribute to the wholeness and unity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.
  • To advocate for Pacific/ Asian Disciples within and outside the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.
  • To share the gifts and traditions of Pacific/Asian Disciples with the wider church.

NAPAD ministry continued to thrive in accordance with the Disciples identity in becoming “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world”. NAPAD is faithfully on the frontline of accomplishing the four mission priorities of the Church: Becoming a Pro-Reconciling and Anti-Racist Church; New Church Establishment; Congregational Transformation; and Leadership Development.

I. Becoming a Pro-Reconciling and Anti-Racist Church

In 1992, there were only eight NAPAD churches. After 20 years of indefatigable work, there are about 100 churches (43 among them are new church or newly joined less than three years) in 2017 which consist mostly 18 different ethnic and linguistic groups: Burmese, Cambodian, Chin, Chinese, Chuukese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Karen, Korean, Laotian, Mongolian, Montagnard, Samoan, Tongan, Vietnamese, and Zo. We gather to form one community – the NAPAD community. NAPAD contributes to the Disciples being “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.” Our 20/20 vision is to have 200 pro-reconciling and anti-racist congregations.

  • We have offered culturally adapted anti-racist training (in Korean) in Pacific Southwest Region in consultation from the Reconciliation Ministry.
  • Together with the Council on Christian Unity, NAPAD sponsored Resolution GA 1522, “A Call for Peace, Justice, and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula” in GA 2015, we are working with DOM and other partners with ministry to promote permanent peace for Korean Peninsula.
  • In 19th NAPAD biennial convocation in 2016, NAPAD had anti-racism and reconciliation workshop for participating youth and young adult members.
  • After the recent election, there is new fear of racism among immigrants’ community. We are working with DHM Refugee and immigration ministry to develop a specific educational resource to support NAPAD community affected by it.

II. New Church Establishment

The goal of NAPAD ministries is to have 200 healthy congregations by the year 2020. In partnership with New Church Ministry and Regional Committees of New Church Development, we have initiated and/or established new NAPAD congregations.

  • Training of new church planters is an ongoing process that requires the collaboration of congregational, regional, and general ministry. New church planters from NAPAD communities continuously participating in HOPE partnership’s Leadership Academy.
  • The Geunhee Yu Covenant Fund provided funding to Vision of Jesus Church of LA. The congregation used the funds to create vision center (Job training program for local community) and Loving Jesus Christian Church in Pasadena for Sunday school program for youth and children.
  • NAPAD supported Chuukese leadership and ministry development through a youth rally. Together with regional and general ministry partners, NAPAD continues to support and advocate for the Chuukese Disciples as they work on church growth and sustainability.  In October, Rev. Chung Seong Kim visited Portland, OR for Chuukese Church leader’s workshop to develop more robust relationship between Chuukese Community and Disciples, Oregon-SW Idaho Region support this effort.
  • NAPAD is in process of establishing new Disciples Congregations in New York, Boston, Oregon, and D.C. Virginia Area.

III. Congregational Transformation and Pastoral Care

In December 2014, in honor of the late Rev. Harold Johnson, who was pivotal to the establishment and development of the ministries of NAPAD, the Harold Johnson Legacy Fund was established. This fund serves to support NAPAD congregation as they develop and strengthen their children, youth, and women ministries. Through a grant process, funds were distributed in 2016: First Chinese Christian Church in Plano, TX. The congregation used this fund for youth ministry project to support youth and children in the church.

NAPAD keep supporting several congregations in their efforts to revitalize their ministries through diverse outreach programs.

IV. Leadership Development

NAPAD supported five seminarians through providing funds for their internships in congregational and general ministries. This was done with the hopes that they will apply themselves in developing their ministerial skills and leadership capabilities.

  • There an ordination celebrated: Chanhee Heo ordained in Tennessee Region (June 6, 2016) and now serving in Bethany Christian Church in Tulsa, OK
  • In March 1-3, 2016, the NAPAD ministry team had their annual retreat at the Benedict Inn in Beech Grove, IN. At the retreat, the team spent time in prayer, fellowship, devotion and reported on the joys and concerns of their ministries.
  • In July of 2017, with supporting funds from the Oreon E. Scott foundation, NAPAD will conduct a biannual Disciple History and Polity Class for Korean seminarians and pastors, planned to be held at the campus of Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN. The lecturers were Rev. Dr. Timothy S. Lee, Associate Professor of Church History at Brite Divinity School, and other instructors will teach in this event.
  • The Korean Disciples Convocation had leadership training workshop in KDC convocation held in Ocoee Christian Church in Florida on Jan. 19-22th, 2016.
  • Kagiwada scholarship was awarded to Teresa Pecinovsky (Vanderbilt Divinity School). Soonggook Choi scholarship was awarded to Shuiying Jennie Huang (Brite Divinity School).

V. Resignation of Executive Pastor and electing new Interim Executive Pastor

On November 30, 2015, Rev. Jinsuk Chun resigned from his position as the Executive Pastor of NAPAD. The NAPAD board at their meeting, December 10-12, 2015, called for Dr. Geunhee Yu to assume the position of Short-term Interim Executive Pastor beginning January 1 to June 30, 2016.

In June, 2016 NAPAD search committee recommended and the board appointed Rev. Chung Seong Kim as new Interim executive pastor and his appointment was approved and his installation was held in 19th biennial NAPAD convocation in Sunnyvale, CA.


The General Board has reviewed GA-1714 from the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples. The report is submitted to the General Assembly for presentation and discussion. No action is required. (Discussion time: 12 minutes)