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We’ll compile as many requested resources as we can on this page. Note that sermons or events recorded by Greenhill Productions can be ordered here.

Download a PDF of the General Assembly News publication. Printed copies will be mailed to congregations and to individuals who placed orders.

This page will be updated often as resources are collected. Check back often for new materials. (Last updated on Aug. 1, 2017.)


 Wednesday collage (silent – no sound)

Disciples Mission Fund offering video

National Convocation’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Christian Missionary Convention

Pension Fund’s 13th Check


Reconciliation Ministry offering video

Business Media

All general ministry introductory videos are available on’s General Ministries page.

 GA 1724 Regarding Carbon Neutrality


Global Ministries’ introduction of Caribbean Initiative

Caribbean Initiative – introduction from Global Ministries on Vimeo.


Speaking Into the Silence: Building awareness and breaking the stigma of mental health illness in the church

 Crisis response

Spread the Word about Disciples

 History & identity

National Benevolent Association workshops

Youth and Mission


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