Learning communities resourced congregations

Along with the potpourri of workshops on Sunday afternoon, the learning communities during the 2015 General Assembly combined lecture, discussion, open space and workshop formats. Core lectures on Sunday served as a foundation for the communities’ work Monday through Wednesday mornings.

Monday featured a new way of hearing from Disciples thinkers and do-ers. A group of emerging-voices responded to the concepts presented by the core lecturers in an informal format dubbed “DOC Talks.” The leaders presented their thoughts followed by discussion among the participants. This encouraged deeper thinking prior to the workshops available both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

In addition, the Innovate learning community included “open space” sessions where individuals in the workshop guided what would be discussed.

In all, there were 18 Sunday workshops and 61 core lectures, DOC Talks and workshops spread across the five learning communities addressing Administration, Innovation, Spiritual Formation, Justice, and our Global / Ecumenical Witness.

The core lectures by Spencer Burke, Frank and Joyce Thomas, Wafa Goussous, Miguel De La Torre and Phil Bergey are available for purchase through http://www.greenhill-productions.com/doc-general-assembly.html through October. Select workshops are also available.