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WHEREAS, scripture enjoins many virtues (Galatians 5:22-23) including impartiality (Deuteronomy 10:17-19; Matthew 5:42; James 2:1-13); and

WHEREAS, Jesus’ parable in Luke 10:25-37 names those who provide impartial and immediate aid to those they encounter who are in need as “Good Samaritans;” and

WHEREAS, recent legal sanctions against or investigations of “Good Samaritans“ and humanitarian aid providers in Texas, New York and Arizona may be perceived by many Disciples as acts of intimidation meant to discourage them from acting compassionately when confronted with immediate human needs;[1] and

WHEREAS, it is the consistent practice of Disciples of Christ to extend care impartially without respect to a person’s national identity; and

WHEREAS, such acts are free exercises of religious faith as protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and matters of religious conscience as protected by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 2019 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, meeting July 20-24, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa, declares impartially providing for the basic human needs of others as a virtue consistent with Disciples tradition; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the 2019 General Assembly opposes legal actions that criminalize the deeds of “Good Samaritans” and those who provide care without partiality; and

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that should a Disciples individual or ministry ever face criminal sanction or prosecution for giving humanitarian aid without partiality, this resolution stands as evidence that the 2019 General Assembly of the Christian Church regards such humanitarian assistance to be justifiably motivated by one’s faith in Jesus Christ as informed by historic practice and heritage of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Rev. Thaddaeus B. Allen, First Christian Church, Parkersburg, WV;
Central Christian Church, Uniontown, PA; Park Avenue Christian Church, New York, NY
Rev. Denise Bell, Ray of Hope Christian Church, Decatur, GA
Rev. Joan Bell-Haynes, Central Christian Church, Denver, CO
Rev. Nadine Burton, First Christian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas
Rev. Renee Bridwell, New Hope Christian Church, Wichita, KS
Rev. LaTaunya Bynum, First Christian Church, Alameda, CA
Rev. Ed Cushingberry, New Hope Christian Church, Beaufort, SC
Rev. Don Dewey, First Christian Church, Orange, CA
Rev. Susan Gonzales Dewey, First Christian Church, Orange, CA
Rev. Leslie Dalstra, First Christian Church, El Paso, TX
Rev. Teresa Dulyea-Parker, First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Bloomington, IL
Rev. Jennifer Garbin, Sugarbush Christian Church (DOC), Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Rev. Betsy Goehrig, First Christian Church, Ocala, FL
Rev. Allen V. Harris, Shepherd Park Christian Church, Washington, DC
Rev. Pamela G. Holt, First Christian Church, Norman, OK
Rev. Eugene James, Central Woodward Christian Church, Troy, MI
Rev. Timothy James, Light of the World Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Chung Seong Kim, Bethel Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Coretha Loughridge, Timberlake Christian Church, Lynchburg, VA
Rev. Paul Koch, Fredricktown Christian Church, Fredericktown, MO
Rev. Andy Mangum, Northway Christian Church, Dallas, TX
Rev. Steve Martin, First Christian Church, Topeka, KS
Rev. Ken Marston, First Christian Church, Great Bend, KS
Bishop Valerie Melvin, First Christian Church, Goldsboro, NC; Greenleaf Christian Church, Goldsboro, NC
Rev. Sandy Messick, North Hill Christian Church, Spokane, WA
Rev. John P. Mobley, Grace Christian Church, Helena, AL
Rev. Chris Morton, Iglesia Cristiana Discipulos, Omaha, NE
Rev. Cathy Myers Wirt, Murray Hills Christian Church, Beaverton, OR
Rev. J. Dean Phelps, New Union Christian Church, Versailles, KY
Rev. Juan Rodriguez, Arise Christian Church, Orlando, FL
Rev. William B. Rose-Heim, Powershift Worship Center, Raytown, MO
Rev. Penny Ross-Corona, Community Christian Church, Manchester, MO
Rev. Ron Routledge, First Christian Church, Brookfield, MO
Rev. Richie Sanchez, Light of the World Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Bill Spangler-Dunning, Altoona Christian Church, Altoona, IA
Rev. Richard L. Spleth, Allisonville Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Sharon Stanley Rea, National City Christian Church, Washington, DC
Rev. Lori Tapia, Iglesia Alas de Salvacion, Mesa, AZ
Rev. Christal Williams, Alameda Christian Church, Nashville, TN
Rev. Douglas A. Wirt, Murray Hills Christian Church, Beaverton, OR


Dallas Morning News . “Teresa Todd Helped Three Desperate Migrants. The Government Needs to Stop Investigating Her For It. .” Dallas Morning News. June 6, 2019 . (accessed July 16, 2019).

Larkman, Connie. “UCC Pastor Targeted for Ministering to Migrants Sues the U. S. Government.” United Church of Christ. July 09, 2019.

Stanley-Becker, Isaac. “Activist Faced 20 Years in Prison for Helping Migrants. But Jurors Wouldn’t Convict Him. .” Washington Post. June 12, 2019 . (accessed July 16, 2019).





(Operational, Policy and Procedure)

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Clyde E. Hunt, Jr. is a native of Covington, Tennessee.  Clyde graduated from the University of Memphis in December of 1981, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  He also holds a Master’s in Engineering Management from Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee and is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).

Clyde’s professional career began in 1982 with a brief stint as a structural engineer with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad in Chicago, Illinois.  He went on to work as a project manager for the Illinois Department of Transportation in Schaumburg, Illinois.  He then returned to Memphis in 1989 to begin work with the Memphis District U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.  One of the highlights of his career was serving in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005 as the Program Manager for Schools and Clinic Refurbishment for Afghan children. After 37 years, Clyde has recently retired, and enjoys long distance cycling, fitness training and dining with family and friends.

Clyde accepted Christ as Lord at the age of 10.  He is a 30-year Disciple and is a member of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, Memphis, Tennessee.  He has served in various leadership capacities including Chair of the Diaconate Ministry, Elder Board Chair, and has contributed his gifts in several committees and Boards of the church, community, and Christian Church (DOC) Tennessee Region.  Moreover, Clyde served two three-year terms as Moderator under two senior pastors, Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas and Rev. Dr. J. Lawrence Turner.  He currently serves on the Elder Board and co-teaches with his wife in the Christian Education Department.

Clyde is married to the former Norma Lynnette Simpson, Family Nurse Practitioner in Memphis and they are the proud parents of Clyde E. Hunt III, Electrical Engineer and Christina L. Hunt, Supply Chain Manager.  Both Clyde III and his wife, Kenya Goggans Hunt will complete their graduate programs from the School of Management from Yale University and Harvard University, respectively in May of 2019.

First Vice Moderator

The Rev. Stephanie Kendell is the Executive Minister at Park Avenue Christian Church (The Park) in New York City. She received her Master of Divinity from Brite Divinity School with an added certificate in History, Theology, and Ethics. Stephanie is passionate about justice seeking ministries that aid in the value of intersectional perspectives. She works closely with the New Sanctuary Coalition-New York bringing attention to the need for immigration reform and immigrant rights. Ministries that she contributes to have been written up in the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and

Before her call to Ordained ministry, Stephanie was a Producer and Head of Operations for an international theatrical marketing agency based in Los Angeles. This skillset drives her relational ministry that seeks to grow and sustain the faith development of her congregants as they lead the congregation. She is also responsible for helping start the current version of the online worship ministry and social media presence at The Park which has expanded and shared the incredible bilingual worship ministries with Disciples around the world.

A current Bethany Fellow, Stephanie also serves on the Regional Committee on Ministry for the Northeastern Region and is a current Writer in Residence for Young Clergy Women International.

Stephanie is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area where she continues to be an avid supporter the SF Giants. In 2005, she graduated with a degree in Musical Theater and Theater Arts from the University of Redlands.

Second Vice Moderator

Néstor Gómez is the middle son of three boys and one girl, and is originally from Medellín, Colombia. He has served in both Spanish and English-speaking churches, at various times as associate pastor and pastor in the Central Rocky Mountain Region. He is active in Regional Church activities working in the New Congregation Nurturing Team. He has also served as Member of the Administrative Committee of the General Board and member of the Division of Overseas Ministries Board of Directors and representative of Common Global Ministries Board. Néstor holds a PhD in Religion and Social Change, postgraduate studies at the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, and is currently taking a training in coaching and leadership development. He has been an affiliate faculty at Seminario Bautista, Regis University, Columbia College and Claremont School of Theology. He enjoys reading, walking, and listening to music. He loves sharing with people of all ages and knowing about other cultures



For membership on the General Board


(Nominated from the General Nominating Committee)

 General Board Class of 2023

Toni Colbert  (C, F, B, 60+, IN)
Steven Gower  (C, M, W, 30-39, OH)
Chanhee Her  (C, F, A, 30-39, OK)
Hubert Reece  (L, M, B, 60+, CAN)
Beau Underwood  (C, M, W, 30-39, MID-AM)

2 females, 2 males; 4 clergy, 0 lay leaders
1 African-American, 1 Asian, 2 Caucasian
Ages: 30-39 (3), 60+ (1)


Continuing GNC General Board Class of 2021

Kristin Alstott  (W, L, F, 23-29, UMW
Shanell Bowden (B, L, F, 23-29, IL/WI)
Jackie Compton Bunch* (B, L, F, 60+, OH)
Candis Wilson  (B, L, F, 30-39, OH)
Eula Pagdilao  (API, L, F, 23-29, PSW)
Katie Hayes  (W, C, F, 40-49, SW)
Allison Ruari *  (API, C, F, 30-39, TN)

6 females, 0 males, 1 clergy, 5 lay leaders
3 African-American, 2 Asian/Asian Pacific-Islanders, 2 Caucasian
Ages: 23-29 (3), 30-39 (2), 40-49 (1), 60+ (1)
*Re-electing to fill vacancy


New Members for the General Nominating Committee

For election through the 2023 General Assembly

Jim Barton  (L, M, W, 40-49, AZ)
Shanell Bowden  (L, F, B, 23-29, IL/WI)
Irma Elizarraras  (L, F, H, 50-59, SW)
Eula Pagdilao  (L, F, API, 23-29, PSW)
Tevita Uesi  (C, M, API, 30-39, CRM)

3 females, 2 males, 1 clergy, 4 lay leaders
1 African-American, 2 Asian/Asian Pacific-Islander, 1 Hispanic, 1 Caucasian
Ages: 23-29 (2), 30-39 (1), 40-49 (1), 50-59 (1)


Continuing members of the General Nominating Committee

through the 2021 General Assembly

Arnold Hayes  (L, M, B, 60+, TN)
Jong Kook Hong  (C, M, API, 60+, NW)
Dean Phelps (C, M, W, 50-59, KY)
Bere Gil Soto  (C, F, H, 30-39, IN)
Diane Watkins  (L, F, W, 50-59, KS)

2 females, 3, males, 3 clergy, 2 lay leaders
1 African-American, 1 Asian, 1 Hispanic, 2 Caucasian
Ages: 30-39 (1), 50-59 (2), 60+ (2)


In keeping with The Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the members of the Corporation of the Division of Disciples Home Missions and the Corporation of the Division of Overseas Ministries were elected by the General Board at its February 2019 meeting. They are reported here to comply with the Bylaws of the two ministries:

Disciples Home Missions

The General Board elected the following persons

Xochitl Alvizo (L, F, H, 30-39, NoE)
Beverly Bell (L, F, B, 60-69, TN)
Candyce Black-Wells (L, F, B, 30-39, NoE)
Tim Campbell  (L, M, W, 30-39, CAN)
Rhonda Cole-Green  (L, F, B, 40-49, SC)
Tom Cooley  (L, M, W, 40-49, SW)
Chimiste Doriscar (C, M, B, 50-59, OH)
Jennifer Larson  (L, F, W, 50-59, VA)
Sandy Messick  (C, F, W, 50-59, NW)
Derrick Perkins  (C, M, B, 30-39, MID-AM)
Katherine Raley (C, F, W, 25-29, CRM)
Juan Rodriguez  (C, M, H, 60-69, FL)
Reuben Sancken-Marx (C, M, W, 25-29, IN)
Jeremy Skaggs (C, M, W, 40-49, SW)
Charles Chuck Tooley  (L, M, W, 60-69, MT)


Division of Overseas Ministries

The General Board elected the following persons

Dale Braxton, Sr  (C, M, B, 50-59, AL/NW FL)
Deborah Swift-DeWitt  (L, F, B, 60-69, TN)
Rick Spleth  (C, M, W, 60-69, IN)
Ryan Cullumber  (L, M, W, 40-49, PSW)
Nancy Lear  (L, F, W, 60-69, GKC)
Selena Reyes Martinez  (C, F, H, 50-59, FL)
Antonio Rodriguez  (L, M, H, 50-59, FL)
CyndyTwedell (C, F, W, 60-69, SW)
Diana Brown  (L, F, W, 70+, OK)
Baek Hee, Kim  (C, M, A, 40-49, IN)
Nestor Gomez Morales  (C, M, H, 40-49, CRM)
Jeremy Gillett  (L, M, B, 30-39, PSW)
Dara Cobb Lewis  (C, F, B, 40-49, NC)
Tyler Reeve  (L, M, W, 25-29, OH)
LaVerne Thorpe  (L, F, B, 60-69, AZ)