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At the 2015 General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, GA 1524 called for a task force to be formed by the Office of General Minister and President, Disciples Home Missions and the Division of Overseas Ministries for the purpose of:

“…bringing to the 2017 General Assembly, meeting in Indianapolis, IN, a jointly sponsored process for discussion of and education about important religious, ethical and social issues.”

The resolution stated “the task force shall include representatives of, but not limited to”: Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries

  • Council on Christian Unity
  • Disciples Home Missions
  • Diverse congregations throughout the United States and Canada Division of Overseas Ministries
  • General Board
  • Historic justice and peace advocacy groups in the church
  • National Convocation
  • North American Pacific/Asian Disciples
  • Office of General Minister and President

The Social Witness Task Force made a progress report at the 2017 General Assembly in Indianapolis, IN, (GA-1731) with the intent to present a finished proposal to the General Assembly in July 2019. The Task Force met via video and conference call on multiple occasions over the past 2 years.

A small working group worked to ensure that various issues and concerns with regard to the previously developed and reported working document were noted and addressed. However, there are still elements of the working document upon which the Task Force has yet to achieve consensus.

The Task Force has continued to discuss the working document, and work through issues upon which there is not agreement. The Task Force will continue its work with the intent to bring a finished proposal by the 2021 General Assembly.

The Social Witness Task Force

Task Force Members

Robert Cayton
Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder
Shannon Dycus
Jeff Goodier
Sekinah Hamlin
Richelle Himaya
Mark Johnston
Julia Brown Karimu
Fiyori Kidane
Scott Kinnaird
Ken Brooker Langston
Rebecca Littlejohn
Sotello Long
Terri Hord Owens
Vangie Perez
Dean Phelps
Katherine Raley
Paul Tche
Tawanda Wilson


The General Board has reviewed GA-1921 Report from the Social Witness Task Force. The report is submitted to the General Assembly for presentation and discussion. No action is required. (Discussion time: 12 minutes)

GA-1731 report