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You want to change the world. So do we.

CBP’s mission is to publish resources inviting all people into deeper relationship with God, equipping them as disciples of Jesus Christ, and sending them into ministries as the Holy Spirit calls them. Every resource we offer and everything we do is part of our effort to live into God’s invitation.

We see religion and faith evolving and embrace the possibilities. We hope for a church that is vibrant and energizing, a worldwide force for justice, peace, and interfaith cooperation. We dream of a church where all faith-seekers are welcome regardless of their God-given uniqueness or how they view a loving, compassionate God. We have a vision of a church that unites instead of divides, that loves instead of discriminates, that sees every living person and everything we can see in our vast universe as a gift from God.

CBP has the vision to partner with the prophets of the 21st century, and together we will proclaim a message of love and acceptance to a broken world desperate for good news. Through our books and resources, CBP confronts racism, violence, homophobia, sexism, income inequality, church hurt, mental illness, and many other issues that plague our world. Ministry professionals find inspiration and affirmation in our books, and lay leaders explore their own unique and diverse calls to ministry. Congregations find creative ways to change their ministry to fit their neighborhoods and our culture or to reach out to those on society’s margins. Our InsideOut camp curriculum reaches thousands of youth from many different faith traditions each summer.

Offering the Chalice Press, CBP, TCP Books, and Lucas Park Books imprints, the Christian Board of Publication does not receive support from Disciples Mission Fund. We operate almost entirely on the sales of products and services we develop.

– Brad Lyons, President and Publisher

New and Upcoming Titles from
Chalice Press, CBP & TCP Books 2015-2017

Religion and Culture

  • Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership and Awakening Community (Leah Gunning Francis)
  • Organizing Church: Grassroots Practices for Embodying Change in Your Congregation, Your Community, and Our World (Tim Conder & Dan Rhodes)
  • Preaching in the Era of Trump (O. Wesley Allen Jr.)
  • Stakes Is High: Race, Faith, and Hope for America (Michael W. Waters)
  • Native Americans, The Mainline Church, and the Quest for Interracial Justice (David Phillips Hansen)
  • Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community, and Surviving to Adulthood (Patrick Reyes)
  • If Eve Only Knew: Freeing Yourself from Biblical Womanhood and Becoming All God Means for You to Be (Melanie Springer Mock & Kendra Weddle Irons)
  • Unified We Are a Force: How Faith and Labor can Overcome America’s Inequalities (Jorge Rieger & Rosemarie Henkel-Rieger)
  • Liberating Sexuality: Justice Between the Sheets (Miguel A. De La Torre)
  • Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter (Chris Crass)

Spiritual Formation and Faith Practices

  • Better: Waking Up to Who We Could Be (Melvin Bray)
  • Relig-ish: Soulful Living in a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious World (Rachelle Mee-Chapman)
  • Sacred Wounds:  A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma (Teresa B. Pasquale)
  • Newsworthy: Nine Ways to Live the Good News Now (Chris Altrock)
  • Coloring Lent: An Adult Coloring Book for the Journey to Resurrection (Jesse Turri, Natalie Turri, & Christopher Rodkey)
  • Fellowship of Prayer 2016 Lenten Devotional (Sarah Griffith Lund)
  • Fellowship of Prayer: 2017 Lenten Devotional (Sharon Watkins & Rick Lowery)
  • Partners in Prayer: Advent 2015 (The Young Clergy Women Project)
  • Partners in Prayer: Advent 2016 (The Forum for Theological Exploration)

Family and Faith

  • Birthed: Finding Grace through Infertility (Elizabeth Hagan)
  • Available Hope: Parenting, Faith, and a Terrifying World (Julie E. Richardson)
  • Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home (Traci Smith)

Disciples Identity

  • A Handbook for Today’s Disciples (5th Edition) (D. Duane Cummins)
  • Journey to Wholeness: A History of Black Disciples of Christ in the Mission of the Christian Church (Brenda M. Cardwell & William K. Fox, Sr.)
  • Annual Planning Guide & Calendar 2016-2017   
  • Annual Planning Guide & Calendar 2017-2018   

Congregational Life and Mission

  • Community of Prayer Stewardship Devotional (Bruce Barkhauer)
  • Organic Student Ministry: Trash the Pre-Packaged Programs and Transform Your Youth Group (Stephen Ingram)
  • Tactful Advice for Calling Your Next Pastor (Gary Straub)
  • Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People over 60 (Edward H. Hammett)
  • Holy Currency Exchange: 101 Stories, Songs, Actions and Visions for Missional and Sustainable Ministries (Eric H.F. Law)

Congregational Leadership and Professional Development

  • Preaching Politics: Proclaiming Jesus in an Age of Money, Power, and Partisanship (Clay Stauffer)
  • Creation-Crisis Preaching: Ecology, Theology, and the Pulpit (Leah Schade)
  • Made to Lead: Empowering Women for Ministry (Nicole Massie Martin)

InsideOut Christian Camp Resources

  • Outdoor Ministries 2016: Fearless Faith  
  • Outdoor Ministries 2017: Branching Out  


  • Human Development and Faith: Life-Cycle Stages of Body, Mind, and Soul (Second Edition) (Felicity B. Kelcourse)
  • With Signs Following: The Life and Ministry of Charles Harrison Mason (Raynard D. Smith, editor)

Chalice Press, CBP, and TCP books and e-books are available at or by phone at (800) 366-3383,your favorite independent bookstore,,,,,, and anywhere else books are sold.


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Rev. Sandhya Jha

sandhya-jha1Sandhya Jha serves as founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center, a collective of 40 organizations creating access, equity and dignity for all in Oakland and the Bay Area. Sandhya’s commitments to interfaith and interracial work were shaped by her Scottish (Presbyterian) mother and Indian (Hindu) father, as were her love of music and love of both chick pea curry and macaroni and cheese (although not together). She’s the youngest of 14 cousins, the rest of whom live in India and whom she is desperate to visit again.

Former pastor of First Christian Church of Oakland and former Director of Interfaith Programs at East Bay Housing Organizations, Sandhya is the author of Room at the Table, the history of people of color in the Disciples of Christ, and  Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Stories from the Front Lines (Chalice Press) on the subject of race and spirituality in America. Pre-Post-Racial America was listed as one of the top five books on race and religion in 2015 by Publishers Weekly. She serves as an anti-racism/anti-oppression trainer with Reconciliation Ministries for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She is a faith-rooted organizer with Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (formerly Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice – CA) and with the Emerging Leaders Program at the Leadership Institute at Allen Temple. Sandhya is particularly proud of her podcast, Hope from the Hood, available oniTunes and at

Ordained at National City Christian Church in 2005 as a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister, Sandhya is pretty proud to have received both a Master of Divinity and Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago, where her joint thesis was on the subject of “Public Goods, Public Bads, the Common Good and the Common Burden: Environmental Racism as a case study on the intersection of Public Policy and Theological Ethics.” Before graduate school, Sandhya first worked for Congressman Thomas C. Sawyer of Akron, Ohio and then for the religious liberty organization The Interfaith Alliance. She gets far more excited about urban policy than a normal person should, and she loves to sing folk, jazz and gospel even though she was trained for classical music.


Rev. Dr. Eric Law

eric-law-2The Rev. Dr. Eric H. F. Law is the founder and executive director of the Kaleidoscope Institute, which provides resources to equip church leaders to create sustainable churches and communities. He has been a consultant and trainer for over 25 years working with the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, United Methodist, Presbyterian, American Baptist, United Church of Christ and Lutheran Churches in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe.  He is the author of 9 books including  Holy Currencies, Holy Currency Exchange, The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb (also available in Spanish), Finding Intimacy in a World of Fear,and  Inclusion:Making Room for Grace.. He is an Episcopal priest, a composer of church music, a photographer and a playwright.

He writes a weekly blog called The Sustainist: Spirituality for Sustainable Communities in a Networked World.