Young Adults

Young Adult Mixer

Monday, July 22; 8:30-10:45 PM, Wells Fargo Arena upper level – The Fort

Common Ground Café

Young Adults are invited to participate in deep and meaningful conversations that are relevant to God’s young people today. Sit with folks of varying backgrounds, races, and theologies to practice an open table of fellowship. Our goal is not to convince folks of what is right and what is wrong, but to find common ground in Christ in the midst of so much division in our culture. We are Disciples. We can disagree and still protect the dignity of all God’s people.

Locations will be designated based on Young Adult registration. You can find out locations by signing up for the Remind app. There will be information at the Welcome Center infomation booth.


7:00-8:30 AM: Difficult Theology – Jack Veatch (Location TBD)
Discuss “clobber scriptures,” what is “Disciples’ Theology,” and unity – a polar star of our faith.

2:00-3:30 PM: Why Am I Still Here? – Gabriel Lopez (Location TBD)
Discuss what keeps young people connected to the church despite the negativity within it.


7:00-8:30 AM: Political Climate in America – Eddie Anderson/Janette Jara (Location TBD)
Discuss the political climate in America, engage political views, how to engage in dialogue across the aisle

2:00-3:30PM: Burned & Burned Out – Jacquie Curtice
Discuss the historic negligence of the church, acknowledging the pain of those hurt, processing this pain together.


A Conversation about Sex – Ian Pollard (Time and location TBD)
Discuss the role sex plays in faith, theology, and social justice