Sunday Morning Worship

Hoosier hospitality will be on full display on Sunday morning, July 9!

All across the Indiana region, congregations are opening their sanctuaries to welcome General Assembly participants to their seats and guest speakers to their pulpits. Many are also offering child care and/or lunch and/or transportation! Take this opportunity to get outside the convention center and see more of the Circle City…and maybe even those emerald green corn fields Indiana is famous for! Congregations are listed alphabetically by their names.

Allisonville Christian Church
7701 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250
317.849.3957; Website:; Worship: 9:30 am and 11 am
Rev. Diane Spleth; Guest Preacher: Rev. Newell Williams, President of Brite Divinity School, Ft. Worth, TX
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes, bus from Convention Center at 8:30 and 10 am

Amazing Grace Christian Church
8550 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256
317.863.6498; Website:; Worship: 12 pm
Pastor Preston Adams, III; Guest Preacher: Pastor Yolanda Roseby, Founding Pastor of Powership Worship Center in Raytown, MO
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Avon Christian Church
7236 E. County Road 100 S., Avon, IN 46123
317.839.6231; Website:;Worship: 10:35 am
Rev. Dale Suggs; Guest Preacher: John Campbell-Nelson, Global Ministries Missionary to West Timor (Indonesia)
Childcare: Yes

Carmel Christian Church
463 E. Main Street, Carmel, IN 46032
317.846.5033; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Jerry Zehr; Guest Preacher: Rev. Danny Gulden, Senior Minister at Sandy Springs Christian Church in Sandy Springs, GA
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Central Christian Church
701 N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.635.6397; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Linda McCrae; Guest Preacher: Rev. William Barber, Pastor at Greenleaf Christian Church in NC, Moral Movement Architect
Childcare: Yes; Transportation: Yes

Central Christian Church
311 E. Main Street, Lebanon, IN 46052
317.482.1888; Website:; Worship: 9:30 am
Rev. Patti Case, interim; Guest Preacher: Rev. Jose Martinez, Founding Pastor at Missio Kansas City, in Kansas City, MO
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Christian Theological Seminary
1000 W. 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208
317.924.1331; Website:; Worship: 9 am
President, Matthew Myer Boulton; Guest Preachers: Nick Green, Associate Minister, South Street Christian Church, Springfield, Missouri; Richie Sanchez, Interim Minister, Danville Christian Church, Danville, Indiana; Christal Williams, Regional Minister, Christian Church in Tennessee
Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

Danville Christian Church
180 W. Main Street, Danville, IN 46122
317.745.2310; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Richie Sanchez, Interim Minister; Guest Preacher: Rev. Jean Vandergrift, Minister at Hope Central in Jamaica Plain, MA
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Downey Avenue Christian Church
111 S. Downey Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219
317.359.5304; Website:; Worship: 10:15 am
Rev. Trey Flowers; Guest Preacher: Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rae, Director of Refugee and Immigration Ministries with Disciples Home Missions
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes, Bus Pick up from the Convention Center to the church: 9:30am, Drop off from church to convention center: 12:30pm

Eastgate Christian Church
8100 E. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
317.898.7933; Website:; Worship: 8:30 am and 10 am
Rev. Tod Iseminger; Guest Preacher: Katherine Raley, Disciples Minister
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

First Christian Church, Bargersville
101 E. Street, Bargersville, IN 46106
317.422.5701; Website:; Worship: 10 am
Rev. Ken Rickett; Guest Greeter: Marta Bernardini from the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

First Christian Church, Beech Grove
75 N. 10th Avenue, Beech Grove, In 46107
317.786.8522; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Paul Hartig; Guest Preacher: Rev. Ryan Arnold, Senior Minister at First Christian Church Des Moines, IA
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

First Christian Church, Crawfordsville
211 S. Walnut, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
765.362.4812; Website:; Worship: 10:40 am
Rev. Darla Goodrich; Guest Preacher: Rev. Lucien Kobele, General Secretary of the Disciples of Christ Church in the Congo (Brazzaville)
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

First Christian Church, Lafayette
329 N. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
765.742.4058; Website:; Worship: 10:15 am
Rev. Greg Eberhard; Guest Preacher: Rev. Joel Ortega Dopico, President of the Cuban Council of Churches
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

First Christian Church, Martinsville
89 S. Main Street, Martinsville, IN 46151
765.342.3461; Website:; Worship: 8:30 am and 10:45 am
Rev. Roxie McNelly; Guest Preacher: Rev. Brandon Gilvin, Minister at First Christian Church Chattanooga, TN
Childcare: Yes

First Christian Church, Mooresville
525 N. Indiana Street, Mooresville, IN 46158
317.831.2777; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Glenda Survance; Guest Preacher: Rev. Russell Peterman, Minister at First Christian Church Concord, CA
Childcare: Yes

First Christian Church, New Castle
2000 Bundy Ave., New Castle, IN 47362
765.529.2403; Website:; Worship: 10:00 am
Rev. Alecia Gross; Guest Preacher: Jerri Handy, Long-Term Volunteer with Global Ministries
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

First Christian Church, Noblesville
16377 Herriman Blvd., Noblesville, IN 46060
317.773.0126; Website:; Worship: 8am and 10am
Rev. John Davis; Guest Preacher: Rebecca Anderson, Minister at Gilead Church in Chicago, IL
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

First Christian Church, Shelbyville
Meeting at Freeman Chapel, 819 S. Harrison Street, Shelbyville, IN 46176
317.412.0860; Website:; Worship: 10 am
Rev. Bill Horner; Guest Preacher: Karen Nelson-Campbell, Global Ministries Missionary to West Timor (Indonesia)
Childcare: Yes

Franklin Central Christian Church
4100 S. Franklin Road, Indianapolis, IN 46239
317.862.4632; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Gale Stutz; Guest Preacher: Rev. Scott Hardin-Nieri, Associate Minister of Green Chalice, Disciples Home Mission
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Garden City Christian Church
5201 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN  46224
317.242.5596; Worship Time: 10:30 am
Rev. Tom Smith; Guest preacher: Rev. Maria Tofoya, First Christian Church, Selma, California
Childcare: No; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes, bus will leave the Convention Center at 9:40 am

Geist Christian Church
8550 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256
317.842.3594; Website:; Worship: 9 am and 10:30 am
Rev. Randy Spleth; Guest Preacher: Rev. Miguel A. Morales Castro, General Pastor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico
Childcare: Yes

Geist Christian Church North-Promise Road Campus
12756 Promise Road, Fishers, IN 46038
317.863.6502; Website:; Worship: 5:30 pm on Saturday, July 8 and 10 am on Sunday, July 9
Dustin Hite; Guest Preacher: Andra Moran, Musician, Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville, TN & Michael Morton, Musician, Nashville, IN
Childcare: Yes

Greenfield Christian Church
23 N. East Street, Greenfield, IN 46140
317.462.6348; Website:; Worship: 10:45 am
Frank Everett; Guest Preacher: Beau Underwood, Senior Minister of First Christian Church Jefferson City, MO, and nominee for First Vice Moderator of the General Assembly.
Childcare: Yes

Hill Street Christian Church
2140 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40210
502.774.5340; Worship: 11:00 AM
Rev. Cliff Willis; Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Senior Minister of First Christian Church Findlay, OH

Obra Hispana Bilingual Service
Indianapolis Convention Center
100 S. Capitol Avenue – Room 101, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Worship: 10 am
Guest Preacher: Pastor Lori Tapia, National Pastor, Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries

Light of the World Christian Church
4646 N. Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46228
317.254.5922; Website:; Worship: 10:30am
Rev. David Hampton; Guest Preacher: Rev. Terri Hord Owens, General Minister and President Nominee
Childcare: Yes

Linwood Christian Church
4424 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201
317.357.8771; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Carolyn Watkins; Guest Preacher: Rev. Olivia Bryan Updegrove, Minister of Family and Children Ministries, Disciples Home Missions. Youth are particularly invited to worship at this church where a service project will be done in conjunction with morning worship.
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

New Light Christian Church
2902 Cold Springs Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268
317.926.0358; Website:; Worship: 11am
Rev. Michael Scaife; Guest Preacher: Rev. Ed Cushingberry, Minister at New Hope Christian Church in Burton, SC
Lunch: Yes

New Palestine Christian Church
4053 S. 650 W, New Palestine, IN 46163
317.861.4356; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Travis Hacker; Guest Preacher: Rev. Johnny Lewis, Minister at Shawnee Community Christian Church in Shawnee, KS
Childcare: Yes

New Revelation Christian Church
6701 Oaklandon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236
317.823.7222; Website:; Worship: 11 am
Rev. Richard Reynolds; Guest Preacher: Rev. Yvonne Gilmore, Associate Dean at the Disciples Divinity House at the University of Chicago, IL
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes

Northwood Christian Church
4550 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46205
317.283.1352; Website:; Worship: 8:30 am and guest preacher at 10:45 am
Rev. Rae Karim; Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Rodney Williams, Pastor at Swope Parkway United in Kansas City, MO
Childcare: Yes

Pittsboro Christian Church
209 N. Meridian Street, Pittsboro, IN 46167
317.892.3245; Website:; Worship: 10 am
Rev. Deb Strock-Kuss; Guest Preacher: Loren McGrail, Global Ministries missionary to Palestine
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes; Transportation: Yes; Pick up at the Convention Center at 9:00 a.m.  Drop off at the Convention Center at 12:45 p.m. There are 13 available seats on the bus.

Southport Christian Church
201 E. Epler Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227
317.784.4431; Website:; Worship: 9am and 10:30am
Rev. Douglas Lofton; Guest Preacher: Rev. Vy Nguyen, Executive Director of Week of Compassion
Childcare: Yes

Speedway Christian Church
5110 W. 14th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46224
317.244.7656; Website:; Worship: 8:15 am Scott Cox and 10:15 am Michael Kinnamon
Rev. Scott Cox; Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, Disciples educator and ecumenical leader
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Tabernacle Christian Church
198 N. Water Street, Franklin, IN 46131
317.736.5088; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Evie Stuard; Guest Preacher: Rev. Nicta Lubaale, General Secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches, Nairobi, Kenya
Childcare: Yes

Temple of Christ Christian Church
1075 Hosbrook Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203
317.698.6028; Worship: 11 am
Rev. Cedric Perry; Guest Preacher: Rev. Janet Chapman, Minister at First Christian Church in Redding, CA
Transportation: Yes

Trafalgar Christian Church
300 W. Pearl Street, Trafalgar, IN 46181
317.878.4161; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Jane Stout; Guest Preacher:  Rev. Andrew Guthrie, Minster at Lynchwood Christian Church in Portland, OR
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Union Christian Church
1331 E. 300 S., Franklin, IN 46131
317.736.4077; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Allen Whitehurst; Guest Preacher: Phyllis Byrd, Global Ministries Missionary to Kenya
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Westview Christian Church
5925 W. 34th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46224
317.291.7871; Website:; Worship: 10:30 am
Rev. Mary Alice Mulligan; Guest Preacher:  Rev. Clarence Johnson, Minister at Mills Grove Christian Church, Oakland, CA
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ
603 N. New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
317.639.5411; Website:; Worship: 8 am and 10:10 am
Rev. Jonathan Basile: Guest Preacher:  Michael Joseph, Global Ministries Missionary to Bogota, Colombia
Childcare: Yes

Zionsville Christian Church
120 N. 9th Street, Zionsville, IN 46077
865.684.3972; Website:; Worship: 10 am
Rev. Tyler Thompson; Guest Preacher:  Rev. Erin Wathen, Senior Minister at St. Andrew Christian Church Olathe, KS
Childcare: Yes; Lunch: Yes

Children/Youth/Young Adults and Family Worship Opportunities

Sunday morning at General Assembly is a time where we get to spread out over the city and participate in the local churches and ministries in the area. Historically, the youth and families have been segregated into their own worship. This time, however, the youth, young adults, children and families are spreading out in a variety of ways to show that ONE MEANS ONE.

Your group can go ANYWHERE to worship! We invite you to stay connected through social media throughout the services. We want you to share quotes, photos, memories, and more as you experience various worships with your group and with others.  (You get to really participate and learn from more than one experience.)

Please check the Family & Children’s Ministries website for more details.