CYF Workshops

High school age youth (entering 9th grade through those who graduate in 2019) will have an opportunity to follow one of four tracks of learning during mornings at General Assembly.

Adult sponsors are invited to Issues in Youth Ministry, Parts 1 and 2, on Monday and Tuesday mornings at 9 am. (room TBD)

Difficult Conversations on Life and Faith
Monday, 9 am Anti-Racism/Pro Reconciliation Ministry in the Church
Monday, 10:15 am How Not to Troll your Neighbors
Tuesday, 9 am Inclusive Language: What the Bible Scholars Say
Tuesday, 10:15 am Gun Violence
How to Adult
Monday, 9 am Preparing for College
Monday, 10:15 am Managing Money
Tuesday, 9 am Dealing with Stress: Balancing Commitments and Self Care
Tuesday, 10:15 am Why Voting Matters
Sacred Arts: Creative Use of Arts
Monday, 9 am Finding Your Artistic Voice
Monday, 10:15 am Worship Using the Arts
Tuesday, 9 am Learning to Pray Through the Arts
Tuesday, 10:15 am The Power in Arts in Action
Becoming a Counselor in Training (Leadership)
Monday, 9 am How to Welcome Newbies
Monday, 10:15 am Games and Other Activities
Tuesday, 9 am Healthy Boundaries at Camp
Tuesday, 10:15 am Guiding Conversations in Family Groups