Aftersessions and Receptions

There are all kinds of things to do throughout the General Assembly – even after worship ends! You will have lots of opportunities to connect with other Disciples from around the world – here are just a few options.


Title of EventDateTimeLocation
The Escape Room

Sign up at the Disciples Church Extension Fund booth.

Saturday, July 20-Tuesday, July 23Open during exhibit hall open hours and aftersession timeslotsIEC Board Room 4
Capital Area Regional ReceptionSaturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC Memorial Hall Prefunction
Lexington Theological SeminarySaturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC 306/307
NAPAD GatheringSaturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC 310
Youth Ice Cream SocialSaturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC 320
Friends in Recovery, an Open 12-Step Program Meeting

Open 12 Step Meeting for those in recovery, friends or family who support those in recovery, or anyone who needs or wants some support during General Assembly.

Saturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC 402
Central Rocky Mountain RegionSaturday, July 208:45-10:00 PMIEC 308
Christian Theological Seminary

President’s Reception

Sunday, July 218:45-10:00 PMHilton Downtown Des Moines Cloud Ballroom A
Disciples Home MissionsSunday, July 218:45-10:00 PMIEC Ballroom Grand Ballroom B
Christian Church in the SouthwestSunday, July 218:45-10:00 PMIEC 309-310
Who Wants to Be the Smartest Disciple? A Trivia Night to Benefit the National Benevolent Association

During a trivia night, a master of ceremonies reads questions split into various categories or rounds, answered by teams ranging from 2-8 people each. Your team fee will be a direct contribution to the ministries of NBA! Trivia will consist of general knowledge, with a special round focused on Disciples and NBA trivia – and with prizes available! Learn more and register:

Sunday, July 218:45-10:00 PMRiver Center,
340 SW 3rd Street
Phillips Theological Seminary President’s ReceptionSunday, July 218:45-10:30 PMHilton Downtown, Cloud Ballrom C
Chalice Press Books and HymnsSunday, July 219:00-10:30 PMBuzzard Billy’s, 615 3rd Street
Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance Open & Affirming Aftersession

Come join us as we celebrate the Open & Affirming Ministry Program and our Regional Open & Affirming Ministry Teams. This is your chance to connect with those who are working to increase O&A ministry in our church and in our regions and to learn more about our Regional Open & Affirming Ministry Teams. All are welcome! (#AllMeansAll)

Monday, July 228:45-10:00 PMIEC 307
Disciples WomenMonday, July 228:45-10:00 PMIEC Grand Ballroom A
Mid-America RegionMonday, July 228:45-10:00 PMIEC 309-310
Reconciliation Ministry: Conversation with David Anderson HookerMonday, July 228:45-10:00 PMHilton Elements
Pacific Southwest Regional ReceptionMonday, July 228:45-10:00 PMIEC 308
Young Adult MixerMonday, July 228:45-10:00 PMWFA – The Fort (upper level)
Obra HispanaTuesday, July 238:45-10:00 PMIEC 305
SERF GatheringTuesday, July 238:45-10:00 PMIEC 306
Youth After SessionTuesday, July 238:45-10:00 PMIEC 319-320
The Design at 100

hosted by the Governance Committee of the General Board

This after-session offers an opportunity to share reflections on The Design. The sharing will be led by two past General Minister and Presidents, Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins and Rev. Dr. Richard Hamm. After they have shared views they have come to form about the document in light of their leadership experiences, the floor will be open for general conversation. The conversation will be moderated by Moderator-Elect Rev. Belva Brown Jordan.

Tuesday, July 238:45-10:00 PMIEC 308
Global Ministries ReceptionTuesday, July 238:45-10:00 PMIEC 303-304
StoryHour – FAIL: Stories of getting it all wrong, and how it’ll (mostly) be all right
Join Rebecca Anderson and Yvonne Gilmore on Tuesday night, July 23, for the third GA StoryHour, hosted by DDH-UC, DDH-Vandy, and Week of Compassion. This year: FAIL. We’re telling and hearing stories about times when we got it all wrong, and how it’ll (mostly) be all right. From middle school awkwardness to grown up sized mistakes, stories of dropping the ball and messing up.
Tuesday, July 239:15 – 11:00 PMDes Moines Social Club, 900 Mulberry Street

Most of these events are free, and some may require registration. All locations are in the convention center, unless noted otherwise.


The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance will host offsite safe space gatherings:

  • “Queer People of Color”
  • “Queer Clergy & Seminarians”

as well as a post-worship social gathering for transgender people. Please contact Alliance Q ( and/or visit the Alliance Q booth for scheduling details!