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The General Assembly Committee of the General Board has a two-fold responsibility. First  – it is the General Board committee responsible for recommending the location for future General Assemblies.  Secondly, it follows up on approved or referred resolutions which contained actionable items from the previous General Assembly and report back to the current General Assembly.

From the General Assembly which met in Columbus, Ohio, July 18-22, 2015 , the General Assembly Committee of the General Board has the following updates.

GA-1522 A Call for Peace, Justice and Reunification in the Korean Peninsula

North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD) and the Council on Christian Unit encouraged the whole church to observe the Sunday of Prayer for reunification of the two Koreas in August 2015. In addition, at the 2017 General Assembly, the Justice Track is offering a session on the initiative headed by the National Council of Churches of Korea regarding a peace treaty between the two Koreas.

GA-1523 Becoming a People of Welcome and Support to People with Mental Illness and/or Mental Health Issues

The submitter of this resolution Mary Alice Do has written a book being released this spring about dealing with mental illness while pastoring a congregation. Disciples Home Missions is partnering with Mary Alice in the development of a study guide to accompany the release of this book for local congregational study.

The National Benevolent Association working in collaboration with DHM has launch a Mental Health Initiative focused on countering stigma, providing resources and education and prioritizing clergy mental health care.  The NBA has hired a full time Mental Health Manager.

GA-1525 A Call to End Solitary Confinement

The Justice Track at the 2017 General Assembly has offered a session to delve deeper into the issues of both Solitary Confinement and Mass Incarceration.  Both issues continue to be studied regionally and in local congregations throughout the church.

The National Benevolent Association in collaboration with Disciples Home Missions has offered webinars on prison and jail related issues including solitary confinement.  An affinity group of persons and organizations across the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) working ecumenically continue to address advocacy and activism related to solitary confinement including sponsoring at GA 2017 a Virtual-Reality Solitary Confinement cell experience.

GA-1536 Resolution Calling for a Study Document on Understanding Stewardship as a Spiritual Discipline and Its Practical Application in the early 21st Century

The Center for Faith and Giving was charged with creating this document, to be presented at the 2017 General Assembly. The document has been written and GA-1732 calls for the document to be issued to the church for study.

GA-1539 Charleston and Beyond: Terror, Intimidation and the Burning of Black Churches

By adopting this resolution, the 2015 General Assembly gave their support to the General Minster and President’s continued condemnation of the massacre of the Charleston 9 and her continued partnership and solidarity with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.  Letters of support were sent to AME leadership on September 14, 2015.

A letter to Disciples congregations from Timothy James, Associate General Minster and Administrative Secretary of the National Convocation, April Johnson, Minister of Reconciliation Ministry, Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President and Robert Welsh, President of the Council on Christian Unity, was issued on August 28, 2015. The letter encouraged congregations to observe Confession, Repentance and Commitment Sunday to End Racism in September 2015.

GA-1540 Support For Agreement with Iran

Letters of affirmation regarding the Agreement with Iran were mailed to President Obama August 14, 2015, and to Indiana US Senator Joe Donnelly on August 19, 2015, who also supported the Agreement in the Senate.

General Assembly Committee of the General Board


The General Board has reviewed GA-1730 Report of the General Assembly Committee. The report is submitted to the General Assembly for presentation and discussion. No action is required. (Discussion time: 12 minutes)