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WHEREAS, throughout our history, the Stone-Campbell movement has been marked by courageous leaders called to create communities rooted in God’s mission for wholeness; and

 WHEREAS, God has called Disciples to start 1,000 Disciples congregations in 1,000 different ways by the year 2020; and

WHEREAS, since 2001, bold Disciples leaders have answered this call by establishing more than 975 new churches, including plants and affiliates, in United States and Canada, and celebrate that over 60-percent are still bearing Christ’s witness to the world five years past their inception; and

WHEREAS, the New Church Movement, in response to the 2020 Vision, is a major contributor to the racial/ethnic diversity of our congregations, as exemplified by at least 28 languages in which we now worship Church-wide; and

WHEREAS, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation partners with Disciples Regions and Areas, National Convocation, Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries and North American Pacific/Asian Disciples to train, equip, assist and multiply new church leaders as they guide new congregations into God’s mission; and

WHEREAS, it is through this partnership and the mighty courage and commitment of new church planters and their families that the New Church Movement serves as an area for growth in the denomination;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) meeting July 8-12, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana, celebrates the meaningful New Church work already accomplished and encourages the whole Church, Regions, Areas, and congregations to recommit to the critical mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to start new churches through 2020 and beyond. By collective spiritual support and prayer, ongoing Pentecost Offering giving, financial stewardship, and the faithful call and formation of new leaders, Disciples will champion the proclamation: “Churches Change the World… Start More!”

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation

2017 – 20

  1. Urban Missions – Pomona, CA
  2. Potluck Church – Madisonville, KY
  3. Vision of Jesus Christian Church – All these churches are PSWR region and are under care by the region
  4. Joyful Church
  5. Loving Jesus Church
  6. Nanum Christian Church
  7. Silver Lakes Christian Church
  8. Casa de Oración Fullerton
  9. Casa de Refugio
  10. Centro de Alabanza Emanuel
  11. Centro Familiar Cristiano Restauración
  12. Iglesia Cristiana de Ventura
  13. Iglesia Cristiana Emanuel
  14. Iglesia Cristiana Encuentro con Dios
  15. Iglesia Cristiana Seguidores de Cristo
  16. Iglesia Discípulos de Cristo
  17. Fe, Esperanza y Amor Christian Church
  18. Iglesia Unida en Cristo
  19. Iglesia Cristiana – Árbol de Vida, Pensacola, FL – In Formation
  20. Primera Iglesia Cristiana, Birmingham, AL – In Formation

2016 -14

  1. Community Christian Church – Brooklyn, NY
  2. The Church at Lake Cherokee – Henderson, TX
  3. New Life in Christ Christian Church – Louisville, KY
  4. First Tongan Christian Church – Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Centro la Familia Cristiano Church – Rowlett, TX
  6. Bethel Ethiopian Christian Church – Dallas, TX
  7. New Life Christian Church – Sacramento, CA
  8. First Samoan Congregational Christian Church – Oakland, CA
  9. Disciples in the Wilderness – Conroe, TX
  10. Life Recovery Fellowship Church – Hastings, NE
  11. New Hope Community Christian – MO
  12. Chuukese Fellowship Church of Christ – Salem, OH – Affiliation Process
  13. Iglesia Cristiana Príncipe de Paz – Portland, OR – Affiliation Process
  14. Iglesia Nueva Vida – Portland, OR – Affiliation Process

2015 – 20

  1. Congregational Christian Church – Stockton, CA
  2. La Viña – Troutdale, OR
  3. Christ Church – Portland, OR
  4. Saint John’s Community Church – Portland, OR
  5. Pacific Islands Family Church – Portland, OR
  6. Iglesia Cristiana Bíblica Eben-Ezer – Dallas, TX
  7. At the Cross Christian Church – Dallas, TX
  8. Open Table Christian Church – Murfreesboro, TN
  9. Church of Another Chance – Nashville, TN
  10. Co-Heirs with Christ Missions INC – Lexington, KY
  11. Discípulos de Cristo – Springfield, VA
  12. Visión Mundial para la Familia – Arlington, TX
  13. Pacific Islanders Fellowship- Lakewood, CO
  14. Centro Cristiano Discípulos de Cristo en Houston – Houston
  15. Saint Paul’s Church – Dearborn Heights, MI
  16. Casa de Refugio Christian Church – Covina, CA
  17. Zeteo – Houston, TX
  18. Sacred Hoop Native American – Tulsa, OK
  19. New Century Fellowship Christian Church – Louisville, KY
  20. Downtown Disciples – Des Moines, IA

The General Board recommends that the General Assembly ADOPT GA-1717. (Discussion Time: 12 minutes)

2 Responses to “GA-1717”

  1. by George Adams:

    It’s great that we have created this many new churches. Good work. But it might show us how important this is if someone told us how many churches we have lost from Yearbook listing in that period. How many have disappeared? How many have dropped out?

  2. by Rev. Fernando Morales:

    I agree with the approval of this resolution, but I believe it should had mention Dr. Dick Hamm who is the visionary leader that challenged us Disciples to bring new church planting to the forefront of our mission as church. The 2020 vision adopted by the Disciples was the idea of Dr. Dick Hamm. We must thank God for this fine Disciples leader. We must honor whom honor deserves.