Resolution 1526 – Resolution to Celebrate and Reaffirm our Commitment towards the Vision of Planting 1,000 New Congregations by 2020

(Operational, Policy and Organizational)
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WHEREAS, God has called Disciples to start 1,000 Disciples congregations in 1,000 different ways by the year 2020; and

WHEREAS, since 2001, courageous Disciples leaders are answering this call by planting more than 850 new churches in North America, congregations that worship in 27 languages, bringing more than 60,000 new people to Christ; and

WHEREAS, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation partners with Disciples Regions and Areas to recruit, equip and nurture new church leaders as they guide new congregations into God’s mission; and

WHEREAS, it is through this partnership and the mighty courage and commitment of new church planters and their families that the new church movement serves as a primary source of growth in the denomination and as a major contributor to the racial/ethnic diversity of our congregations; and

WHEREAS, to those who believe the new church movement is waning, Hope Partnership offers the following:

We Remember the Birth of the Church

 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) meeting July 18-22, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, will encourage  Disciples congregations, Regions, Areas and the wider Church to recommit to the critical mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to start new congregations through our financial support, church-initiated projects, the recruitment and training of gifted planters and with prayerful support for the courageous leaders who plant vital new faith communities.

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation

The General Board recommends that the General Assembly
ADOPT GA-1526. (Discussion Time: 12 minutes)

Historical Rationale for New Church Resolutions in the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 

  • There is a recorded tradition of New Church Resolutions proposed and approved from at least as far back as (see attached copy of Resolution No. 69)
  • Anecdotal evidence also indicates that New Church Resolutions may go back as far as
  • Since 2001, New Church Ministry (now Hope Partnership) has submitted to every General Assembly a New Church Resolution that encourages the establishment of new churches, along with a list of new churches formed since the last General
  • Many Regional assemblies also approve a New Church Resolution celebrating new churches started since their last Regional
  • All Regional Ministers approve the list of new churches that accompany the resolution put before the General
  • The New Church Resolution is in keeping with the 2020
  • Our New Church Planters deserve this kind of recognition of their sacrifice and hard
  • The developing of new congregations is an important expression of evangelism by the General Assembly, and that this resolution requires participants to recommit themselves to the task of starting