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You can help promote the General Assembly in your congregation and community

We’ve put together some starter resources for your use. As the General Assembly approaches more resources will be made available. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to  contact us.

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Use fifth Sundays for promotion!

Add to your calendar:
 Dec. 30, 2018

 March 31, 2019

 June 30, 2019

Worship materials and bulletin/newsletter text

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The Theme: “Abide in Me”

Use the “Abide in Me” theme (John 15:1-5) during worship, particularly communion:

Run this PowerPoint slide deck prior to worship.

Print this bulletin insert to include in any Sunday’s bulletin.

Newsletters and Bulletins

In the newsletter and bulletins leading up to the fifth Sunday:

  • encourage members to wear red or their chalice gear. (If you don’t have Disciple gear, your congregation can order shirts online and 10% of the price will benefit Disciples Mission Fund. You can also order customized shirts from this vendor and use the code DOC2016 so 10% of your custom order will also benefit Disciples Mission Fund.)
  • highlight a feature of the General Assembly (worship, learning, etc.).
  • highlight a general ministry that is connected with your congregation.


Take a congregational “selfie” and post on social media with #Abide2019.

Graphics and Logo

  • When incorporating the logo in your marketing pieces make certain the translations and scriptural reference are always accompanying the “Abide” text.



Color Schemes and Usage

Yellow background

  • C=0, M=20, Y=80, K=0
  • R=255, G=204, B=51
  • Hex #FFCC33
  • Pantone uncoated: 7549U

Green accents

  • C=75, M=38, Y=80, K=26
  • R=47, G=117, B=38
  • Hex #2F7526
  • Pantone uncoated: 2427U

Blue accents

  • C=90, M=70, Y=0, K=0
  • R=42, G=92, B=170
  • Hex #2a5caa
  • Pantone uncoated: 2175U

Brown type

  • C=45, M=80, Y=65, K=55
  • R=85, G=40, B=44
  • Hex #55282c
  • Pantone: 7448c

Video and Presentation Material

This 37-second teaser video  announces the dates for the 2019 General Assembly. Download the file and play it in your worship during a General Assembly promotion Sunday! (Watch the video at the top of this page.)

 Download the Video (24 MB)

Presentation Slides

Do you run an announcements scroll before and/or after your worship services? Consider adding one of these images to the mix! We provide something for high definition (16:9) and standard definition (4:3) screens.

High definition (16:9)
Standard definition (4:3)