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Where is the Lost and Found?

The Lost and Found Booth will be in the Registration Lobby. It will be open during the Assembly to accept/return lost and found items.

Where can I find local information services?

Information Services, located in the Registration Lobby, serves as the booth for facility information, special housing, RV Parks, restaurant locations, area points of interest, and information for doctors and dentists, auto repair, etc., in the area.

Where can I find first aid onsite?

In the Convention Center next to Security/Dispatch outside of Hall E. Should you need assistance, any usher can direct you to the first aid station. Emergency medical technicians will staff the first aid room at all times. Always carry identification in your purse or wallet with your full name, home address, and information about any health concerns or medication.

Where is the Chapel?

The Recharge Chapel is a space for reflection, rest, and recharge. You will find USB recharging outlets and cables, plus soft lighting, quiet music and internet access.

The Chapel is located inside the Convention Center in Room 120.

How can I get tickets to meal events?

Tickets for meal functions may be secured through the online registration system.

You will also be able to purchase meal tickets onsite at the meal tickets booth in the registration lobby of the Convention Center. Tickets will be available until the meal is sold out, or up to one hour prior to the start of the event. The General Assembly Office does not print paper tickets – all meal tickets are electronic purchases.

What if I’m hot and thirsty?

Water stations will be available throughout the Convention Center. Bring your own water bottles and refill them as often as you like.

Where is the Exhibit Hall?

Visit more than 70 exhibitors to see new products; build and maintain professional contacts; meet new vendors; and learn about the many Disciples institutions of higher education. And don’t forget to stop in and recharge – your electronics as well as yourself – in the Charging Station and Lounge located in the Exhibit Hall.

The Exhibit Hall, located in Hall D and E of the Convention Center, will be open daily. Check the schedule for hours.

Where is the message center?

A message center is located in the Registration Concourse of the Convention Center for all incoming emergency phone calls. Announcements from the floor of the Assembly will be made only in the case of extreme emergencies.

Message Center Telephone Number: (317) 262-5900

The General Assembly Office is located in 116

Is shuttle transportation available?

Because all of the downtown hotels are within walking distance to the Convention Center, there will be no shuttle service provided by the General Assembly. If you are not staying in a downtown property, please check with your hotel to confirm if they will provide shuttle service.

Where can I find accommodations for special needs?

The Special Needs Kiosk in the Registration Lobby of the Convention Center will be able to assist those with special needs, i.e. hearing or sight-impairment, mobility assistance, assistance to the elevators, and assistance to the Plenary Hall.

  • Medication Refrigeration – the Special Needs committee will have a refrigerator available for those who need to refrigerate medication.
  • Motorized Scooters – rental/pick-up and return for motorized scooters will take place at this registration. To reserve your scooter, you will have to request and prepay for this option in your registration. You will receive an email message from the committee on how to make your online payment for your scooter.
  • Wheelchairs – a limited supply of wheelchairs will be available at the Convention Center in the Special Accommodations booth. Please request your wheelchair in your registration profile so that the booth attendees can better accommodate you.
  • Hearing Accessibility (Hearing Loops) – Wired electromagnetic “loops” are taped to the floor around seating sections. Audio is transmitted through the wire loops and is received using a “t-coil” equipped receiver. Attendees with t-coil equipped hearing aids can receive an audio signal directly into their ears without requiring an extra receiver. Those without t-coil equipped hearing aids can check out a receiver and headphones.
  • Hearing Accessibility (CART-Communication Access Real-time Translation) – A CART translator will type the words spoken in worship and business session and text will appear on a dedicated screen, allowing those with hearing difficulties to read what was spoken.

Where can I find English to Spanish translation services?

Headsets for this service are available from the “Translation Table” by the entrance to the Plenary Hall or by asking any usher.

How can I obtain my voter credentials?

The credentials kiosk, located in the Registration Lobby of the Convention Center, will open on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 8:00 am and will remain open each day throughout the week. See the registration kiosk hours for additional information.

How do I get my “Voter” Ribbon?

A voter certification form will be available at the Credentials kiosk. Voters from the above categories should complete and sign their form and submit it to the volunteer. Once Voters are certified, they will then receive a ribbon to apply to their name badge. Voter Ribbons entitle voters to sit in a voters section for all business sessions of this Assembly.

How do I get my “Clergy” Ribbon?

All confirmed ordained/licensed ministers can pick up their clergy ribbon at check-in in the Registration Lobby.

How can I get reporting, manuscripts, and recordings of the Assembly after it ends?

A publication highlighting General Assembly events will be mailed to congregations and individual subscribers by the end of August 2017. General Assembly News orders can be placed through the online registration system. The price for the publication is $8.

If manuscripts are submitted by Assembly speakers, they will be posted online at www.disciples.org/ga following the Assembly.

Due to copyright concerns, please do not record and post portions of worship services, learning track events, or concerts on media sharing sites without permission from Communication Ministries.

Audio and visual recordings of major presentations and audio of a selection of other presentations will be available in the Convention Center lobby immediately after the presentation. Prices for items will be posted onsite. The recordings are guaranteed unconditionally by Greenhill Publications, the commercial firm providing the recording service.

All plenary sessions, including business sessions, are recorded by the assembly production crew for historical purposes.

Can I take pictures during Assembly events?

Photographs are permitted during Assembly; however, we ask that you limit recording and taking close-up pictures of speakers to after sessions or during the first two minutes of an address. Flash or flood lights are not permitted except for designated assembly staff. Photography during communion services and business sessions is discouraged, except for designated Assembly staff or media credentialed by Communication Ministries.

Where will announcements be made?

Time constraints limit announcements from the Assembly platform. Check the special announcement board in the main lobby for updates. Special announcements can be delivered to the General Assembly office.

Can handouts be shared at the Assembly?

Only material approved in advance by the General Assembly Office can be distributed in the Convention Center. Items handed to participants as they enter or leave the plenary hall must be directly related to Assembly business or services and approved by the office. Contact the General Assembly Office if you believe unauthorized materials are being distributed within the Convention Center.

How can I get press credentials?

Communications Ministries staff will be located in the General Assembly office, Room 116. The staff works with secular and religious news outlets, providing news and information about the Assembly. Secular and religious press (writers, bloggers, photographers, etc.) should contact Communications Ministries for appropriate credentials.

Communications and Media contacts:
Onsite: General Assembly Office, Room 116

Email: news@disciples.org





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