Mission is happening all over the Church from congregations to regions to general ministries. We’re out to celebrate the many creative and varied ways Disciples are having an impact with and for God’s children.

Presentations from 2019 General Assembly

Norwalk English Language Learners (Norwalk ELL), Katie Routh https://youtu.be/AaPlAsBNeIA
Building Hope, Janet Hellner-Burris https://youtu.be/9AMi2a6_0fM
Peace in the City:  Community Youth Ministry and Peacemaking https://youtu.be/9AMi2a6_0fM
Blytheville Food Pantry, Holly Jo Engle https://youtu.be/55mgTk3lZ2A
Drippings of Grace Ministries, Rev. Dr. Lisa Sherman https://youtu.be/r9sjtNL10Xk
Camp Sunflower, Cheryl Roy https://youtu.be/DbE_7v5NrC0
Bridging Cultures, Inc., Dr. Joanne Flowers https://youtu.be/18fO39fx4VE
Shower Ministry, Melissa Stephens https://youtu.be/Y_KcoMELJcA
Connecting Communities by Re-forming Relationships, Rev. Ciara Simonson (Senior Minister) and Pastor Juan C. Rodriquez (Associate) https://youtu.be/nhPjuAokRK4
Granger Community Christian Church, Vinetta Golphin-Wilkerson https://youtu.be/TaL4pqNbX_E
Disciples Mission Station- Texas City, Danielle Cox https://youtu.be/MTC-RhFTsIE
Moral Injury Project, Jose Martinez https://youtu.be/zHjDV_dN3s8
Family Promise of Pulaski County, Jennie Gregory https://youtu.be/500eTJfS43U
Reach Beyond Mission, Mary Lu Johnston https://youtu.be/JAw1bgd76yc
UrbanMission Community Partners, Al Lopez https://youtu.be/9yheIvGOT8Q
Friendship Bike, Mike Morriss https://youtu.be/ufyod31dqdY
Glendale Mission and Ministry Center, Kega Nasios https://youtu.be/NzqkwMh3j2E
Seeds of Hope Farm & Garden, Rebecca Sundquist https://youtu.be/b6EcBSGNZJ0
Society of St. Andrew – America’s Lead Gleaning Organization, Lynette Johnson https://youtu.be/8Ka00lVoM7c
Pioneering a Geriatric Ministry, Lois Kelley https://youtu.be/FanJrGL-gKE
Cleanse My Soul; Ryan Mathys https://youtu.be/e4z9l7FkVh4
Connect Fort Worth, Allison Lanza https://youtu.be/Vid4OVGM1VY
50/50 Church, Rev. David Dear https://youtu.be/-mQFKL7Ve68
Follow the Carpenter Sundays, Aerii Smith https://youtu.be/EZCWS9H3SH4
Kairos North America, Jim Wallace https://youtu.be/07xTTQxPKBE
Collective Cause Partnerships, Andrew Graham Shipley https://youtu.be/W1LXIRg81Uw
Play For All.Alice Hupp https://youtu.be/CX8PAfFHXtk