Transformative Leadership & Innovation

Leading Innovation: Abundant Innovations in a Transactional Culture – Acts 2:39-40

Innovation is a key element of transformative leadership for the church in this new era of mission, whether transforming existing congregations or establishing new ones. This learning track seeks to further equip lay and clergy leaders to stretch forward into God’s future with faithful, innovative practices in today’s 21st century context.  Yvonne Gilmore will explore the theological foundations of the gospel for transformative leadership, thereby clarifying “innovation” and demonstrating how this kind of leadership is critical to congregational transformation and new church establishment, even beyond the culmination of the 2020 Vision. Gilmore will engage the topic from her experience in new and renewing congregations, and as a poet and word artist, she intends to include music and other learning styles within the session.


Stories From the Edge: Planting New Churches and Transforming Established Congregations

Panelists: Rich McCullen, Lori Tapia, Tevita Uesi and others
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 121

Description: This session will offer participants the opportunity to hear inspiring, real stories from the edge of church life, and to learn from new and renewing congregational leaders about how they started, what they did, and why. The storytellers will also address the role of innovation in their transformative leadership. Time will be allotted for questions from the audience.

Moderated by Terrell McTyer

Calling for Innovation: The Shifts and Trends in our 21st Century Context

Panelists: Jeff Moore and Yolanda Roseby
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 122

Description: This session will convey information about the paradigm shifts that constitute the church’s current missional context, from both a theoretical and practical perspective. One question that will be addressed is: Why does this new era of mission call for transformative leadership and innovation? Time will be allotted for audience response and discussion so that participants might be enabled to recognize these shifts and trends in their own local context, to imagine how they are impacting their congregational neighbors, and then, to carry out more transformative and innovative ministry where they serve.

Moderated by Rick Morse

Sharing Innovative Ideas for the Church in Technology and Bridging the Generations

Panelists: Jose Martinez, Tom Morse, Christian Watkins, Diane Watkins and others
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 123

Description: This session presents a potpourri of innovative ideas in the related areas of technology and intergenerational dialogue. The ways that people communicate is very important to being the church. Technology and other practices can help create optimal results. How can what is new in our culture authentically be put in service of the Gospel, and how can we come to know, learn from, and reach out to younger folks, for whom the digital age is already a given? Time will be allotted for audience response and reflection.

Moderated by Bill Rose-Heim

Theological Dialogue on Transformative Leadership and Innovation

Panelists: Jorge Cotto, Cynthia Gano Lindner, Andrew Packman
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 124

Description: This session will offer lay and clergy participants the opportunity to engage in further theological dialogue and reflection upon the concept of transformative leadership and innovation. Panel members will respond to what Yvonne Gilmore has presented and offer their own perspectives from research, writing, and practice. Time will also be allotted for audience involvement and conversation.

Moderated by Jean Halligan Vandergrift


Help for the Journey of Congregational Transformation

Storytellers: Janet Hellner-Burris, Robin Hedgeman, and Helen Hemphling; Resource People: Rick Morse, Michael Whitman, Staff, Hope Partnership
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 121

Description: This session is a learning space for lay and clergy leaders that are either just waking up to the need to do congregational transformation, are in the thick of it, or are getting tired in the process. Storytellers from transforming congregations and resource people from Hope Partnership will give testimony and practical assistance to inspire hope and equip clergy and laity who are seeking to be transformative leaders. Others are in the process of being recruited.

Moderated by Ruth Fletcher

Loving Your Congregation’s Neighbors

Storytellers:  Dana Bainbridge, Ed Morris and Al Lopez; Resource People:  Staff from Hope Partnership and the National Benevolent Association
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 122

Description: This session will help participants become aware of the contexts in which their ministries are located, to ascertain how the needs of their neighbors and their own gifts intersect, pointing them to God’s particular missional call. The Gospel motivates us to reach out to our communities, over simply securing our own institutional survival. Storytellers and Resource People will inspire innovative mission outreach and offer practical assistance to the participants, allotting time for audience response and reflection.

Moderator: Dietra Wise Baker

Introducing Innovative Ideas in Your Congregation: A Workshop

Facilitator:  Greg Turk
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 123

Description: This session will give participants time to process the innovative ideas that they have heard about during this Learning Track and to create a plan for their own settings. The facilitator will guide them in what to expect in introducing change, plus how to pave the way and to manage resistance in the congregation.

Moderated by Bill Jennison

Should We Start a Church or a Nonprofit?

Facilitators: Terrell McTyer, Ayanna Johnson Watkins
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 124

Description: Join Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation and National Benevolent Association in interactive discernment exercises to discover the call to do ministry differently. The New Church Movement and Incubate Initiative collaborate to create space to explore the Why?, the What?, and everything in between of starting new ministries. What is social entrepreneurship? And, for that matter, what is church? Determine what is right for you.