Stewardship & Resources


Finding a Platform for Mission – A New Way of Looking at Church Buildings

This is not your grandparents’ church!  Congregations are developing new models for space sharing/utilization, and thus are broadening their definition of “Holy Places.” Some have divested themselves of the traditional church building altogether in favor of being the church in new and creative ways. Explore church use and building trends in the 21st century.

A panel discussion lead by Rick Reisinger and pastors leading on the frontline of change and transition. Hear the good, the bad, and the hopeful stories.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 101

Legacy Giving – A New Stream of Church Funding

A directed conversation about legacy giving and the power of end of life gifts and how they can enhance the future of your congregation’s ministry and vision. A panel of church leaders who are successfully encouraging end of life gifts in their congregations will focus on successful “how to ask” aspects of permanent fund resources, including a policy that encourages gifts and peer-to-peer relationships that generate interest and results. Leaders: Randy Johnson and Kirby Gould, Christian Church Foundation
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 102

Closing Your Church (Without Ending Your Ministry)

How and when to close your church.  What happens when your visible ministry is no long viable?  How do you steward generations of tangible and intangible assets?  How do you grieve, celebrate, and remember? What are the possibilities for continuing your ministry in the community and in the world around you?  How do you protect your church assets from a hostile take-over?  With many of our congregations shrinking in size and with few limits to membership, there are risks that you may never have considered, including a group joining your church and voting you out!  Moderated by a regional minister, panelists will include staff from Hope Partnership and Christian Church Foundation, along with a minister who helped a congregation successfully close.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 103

Money Matters

Does it seem like your money just doesn’t stretch as far as it should? Would you like to be able to give more to your church? Could you use a financial check-up? You’re not alone! Join us for a practical session on personal financial management. We’ll offer tools for household budgeting, spending, saving and look at strategies for retirement planning. Wisdom with money can help us become more generous givers in our church and in our world.Presenters: Matt Rosine, Pension Fund and Cynthia Newman, Christian Church in Indiana, both with Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 104


Building Trust and Generosity – Fiscal Policy Solutions

A leader lead exploration of fiduciary policy and practice that can help foster a culture of generosity (and keep you out of jail!). Consider the flow of money as it comes to worship on Sunday and becomes ministry and mission throughout the week.  How do we live transparently, handle money responsibly, and foster trust in the integrity of our financial process? Why does it matter?  What are the best methods for building budgets, performing audits, protecting our assets, and staying within the laws that govern us?  Rev. Micah James, facilitator.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 101

Emerging Roles for Ministry

A guided discussion/conversation considering new definitions for the task of performing ministry in a postmodern, post-Christian setting. What does it mean when the people don’t’ come to us to hear the good news of the gospel?  Do we need to rediscover the role of the evangelist in our congregations?  What would it mean if a congregation intentionally chose to use less than 50% of the pastor’s time for preaching, pastoral care, and administration and instead sent them out as missionaries with time and expectation to make “new disciples”?  Everything old is new again!  Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, facilitator.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 102

Being Cost-Efficient in a Green Society

Exorbitant utility costs! Excessive waste of materials in the environment!  We are encouraged to conserve energy and find ways to preserve and protect our environment.  What does this mean for the Church?  Discover what cost-savings and eco-friendly strategies your congregations can undertake to practice better conservation of your facility and grounds and begin saving money!

The presenters will include Jim Michel from Disciples Church Extension Fund and Scott Hardin-Nieri from Green Chalice.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 103

Faith Meets Value: Growing your Church Investments for the Future

What is the Church to do to preserve and grow investments for their future? Financial ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have a variety of investment options for your church with a solid track record of returns. In this workshop faith meets value as representatives from Disciples Church Extension Fund and the Christian Church Foundation will discuss how the Church can be a sound investor and explore the different instruments available to match the needs of your congregation.  Presenters: Gary Kidwell, president of Christian Church Foundation, and Rick Reisinger, president of Disciples Church Extension Fund.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 104