Bible Studies

Get ready for the Indianapolis gathering with Bible studies provided by faculty from  Disciples-related seminaries and divinity houses and other Disciples educators. And every one of them has a unique flavor and emphasis – just like Disciples!

You can read them online on your own, share the link with your study group or download print the accompanying PDF locally. Use just one or use them all in any order you choose. These also appear in the General Assembly planning/preview guide.

  1. Enfolded, Unfolded, Made One: Unity in the Holy Spirit – José Francisco Morales Jr., Director of Pastoral Formation, Disciples Seminary Foundation
  2. United In Our Multiplicity: The Immigrant Body and the Politics of Oneness in John 17:20-21 – Dr. Sharon Jacob, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Phillips Theological Seminary
  3. Sharing Food and Sharing LifeDr. Kristine A. Culp, Dean, Disciples Divinity House of the University of Chicago, Associate Professor of Theology, The Divinity School, The University of Chicago
  4. Let Us Cooperate for One: A Lesson in Polity from Alexander Campbell – Dr. Timothy S. Lee, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity, Brite Divinity School
  5. Staying Together with One Mind and One Heart – Dr. Delores Carpenter, Professor of Religious Education, Howard University
  6. We Are One—What? – Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder, Faculty, Chicago Theological Seminary
  7. Oneness in Purpose and Works – Dr. Warren Carter, Professor of New Testament, Brite Divinity School
  8. A Meditation on One – Mark Miller-McLemore, Dean, Disciples Divinity House at Vanderbilt