Bible Studies

Get ready for the Des Moines gathering with Bible studies provided by Disciples from all over. And every one of them has a unique flavor and emphasis – just like Disciples! The Bible studies are meant to provide opportunities for congregations/members to spend time with the theme and chosen text in preparation for assembly.

You can read them online on your own, share the link with your study group, or download the accompanying PDF. Use just one or use them all in any order you choose. These will also appear in the General Assembly planning/preview guide. You can also look forward to morning Bible studies Monday – Wednesday at the General Assembly, led by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder of Chicago Theological Seminary and Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison of Phillips Theological Seminary.

1 (a). Rev. Yakelin Santos – Español  |  1 (b). Rev. Yakelin Santos – English

2. Miseon Choi – English and 한국어

3. Rev. Dr. Ike Nicholson (includes link to video sermon)

4. Riley Jones (includes link to film clip)

5. Rev. Dr. Donald Gillett

6. Rev. Dr. Cynthia Lindner

7. Rev. Nestor Gomez

8. Rev. Paul Carpenter