General Assembly always presents wonderful and engaging opportunities for education, sharing ideas with others, and participating in meaningful and resource-building discussion. (Workshops and schedules subject to change.)

Learning Tracks

The 2017 General Assembly will present four learning track opportunities. CORE lectures will lay the groundwork for each track on Monday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday will offer participants various panels and workshops in their track. (If you choose to stay with a single learning track, you can choose in your online registration to earn three CEUs through Christian Theological Seminary.)


Core lecturer – Rev. Sandhya Jha, Oakland Peace Center

As Christians, what can we help make right?  This learning community explores how Disciples leaders and communities of faith are reforming and resisting injustices such as mass incarceration in the U.S., gun violence, systems of prejudice against mental illness, environmental racism, peacemaking in global communities, and efforts to respond to the international refugee.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Rooms 107-110
See workshops for Tuesday and Wednesday

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Stewardship & Resources

Core lecturer – Rev. Dr. Eric Law, Kaleidoscope Institute

Human, Capital and Financial / People, Buildings and Dollars! This learning community empowers congregations to expand their vision of stewardship beyond money to include the currencies of relationship, truth, wellness, gracious leadership, time and place.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Rooms 101-104
See workshops for Tuesday and Wednesday

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Core lecturer – Dr. Marcia McFee, Worship Design Studio

Creating Sacred Spaces:  This learning community focuses on connecting through music, drama, liturgy, preaching and more. The Association of Disciples Musicians (ADM) is helping to lead this learning community.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Rooms 201-204
See workshops for Tuesday and Wednesday

Transformative Leadership & Innovation

Core lecturer – Rev. Yvonne Gilmore, Disciples Divinity House, University of Chicago

Innovation is a key element of transformative leadership for the church in this new era of mission, whether transforming existing congregations or establishing new ones. This learning track seeks to further equip lay and clergy leaders to stretch forward into God’s future with faithful, innovative practices for today’s 21st century context.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Rooms 121-124 
See workshops for Tuesday and Wednesday

Open Workshops

On Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3:15 pm, various open workshops will be offered by ministries within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). They will last about 1.5 hours. See workshops (subject to change)